Offene Stelle: Bei der AGU ist eine neue Stelle im Bereich „Computersimulationen / Modellierung des Menschen“ zu besetzen.

Research in the field of Human Body Models
Human Body Models (HBMs) gain increasing importance for the assessment of safety measures. HBMs are detailed finite element representations of the human anatomy. They are essential for the development of integrated safety systems and enhanced injury risk predictions. Current research addresses new applications of such models in the context of future transport such as automated driving or public transport. HBMs shall become part of standardized procedures for injury risk assessment. This open position is embedded in a European research activity (H2020 project VIRTUAL).

• Assessment of Safety Measures using HBMs for several applications
• Improvement of HBMs and advancement of injury risk interpretation
• Development of injury risk assessment procedures using HBMs
• Reporting and publishing of project results

What we offer
• Cooperative, interdisciplinary team and exciting, diversified topic
• Development of competence in the fields of impact biomechanics, vehicle safety, explicit FE simulations and more
• Strong collaboration with international partners from academia and (automotive) industry
• Scientific / innovative environment

Job requirements and personal skills
• Academic Degree in Science or Engineering field (e.g. Biomedical Engineering, Physics, Mechanical Engineering)
• Experience in numerical simulation techniques (preferably experience in FE simulations)
• Computational skills
• Interest in injury biomechanics and traffic safety
• Strong creative, analytical, organisational and interpersonal skills
• Willing to work in a team
• Fluent in English and German, written and spoken

Dr. M. Muser, bewerbung@agu.ch