Assessment of the ability to drive

In various studies, together with Institutes of the University Zurich and the ETH Zurich, AGU Zurich has developed a process to examine the fitness to drive. Primarily concerned are drivers older than 70 years, who are required to pass such examinations periodically. In contrast to the assessments performed, e.g. by the family doctors, our process includes various computer-based tests (e.g. saccadic eye movement test, useful field of view test) to improve the objectivity of the results.

In a problem-related, structured assessment a medical-neuropsychological examination (according to the guidelines of the Swiss Federal Road Office) is followed by the computer-based tests mentioned above. Additionally, where indicated a video-documented driving test accompanied by a driving instructor and the examining physician may be performed.

The process has been validated in studies, e.g. including patients with neurological deficiencies or trials in driving simulators. We were able to collect experience in pilot projects and to create a broader base for our assessment method within an European collaboration (Eurostars-Project DRIVESS).

The assessment is done on the premises of AGU Zurich by qualified medical personnel. Appointments may be made either through the family doctor or directly by the person concerned.

Contact: Dr. med. Chr. Lanz