Product liability

An example of a question arising in connection with the product liability laws is whether or not an airbag should have opened during a collision. If a person was injured during the collision, it may however be much more important to know whether the person would have suffered from injuries of the same severity if the airbag had in fact opened.

The technical analysis of the vehicle in question (or other devices such as ski bindings) is, according to most product liability laws, the prerogative of the legal manufacturer. We can, however, support and monitor this analysis.

The biomechanical analysis, i.e. the injury probability under the condition of a correctly functioning product, forms the focus of our expert opinions in this field.

Data needed

The documents required for this type of expertise vary from case to case. Please contact us to discuss the best way to proceed. The earlier such a contact occurs, the higher the probability that missing pieces of information may still be recovered.

Contact: Dr. M. H. Muser