Investigation of sports and leisure accidents

Accidents in sports or during leisure activities form a considerably larger part of accident statistics than road traffic accidents. Most of these accidents have however no further legal or actuarial consequences. Questions regarding the course of the event or the causation of the injuries may nevertheless arise; in that case, we are able to analyse accidents in sports and leisure activities as well. Even though the extent of usable information (e.g. traces, photos, sports devices) is often lesser than in traffic accidents, a claimed course of the event can often be in- or excluded. Some examples of expert opinions given by us are:

  • Analysis of collisions in skiing using on-site investigations, reconstruction, video analysis
  • Biomechanical consequences of foul play in ice hockey or football (video analysis, tests)
  • Consequences of a fall from a ladder during domestic activities
  • Consequences of jumps into shallow water

Data needed

The documents required for this type of analysis vary from case to case. Please contact us to discuss the best way to proceed. The earlier such a contact occurs, the higher the probability that missing pieces of information may still be recovered.

Contact: Dr. M. H. Muser