Brief biomechanical assessment

In some cases, an assessment in an early phase is recommendable, in order to obtain guidance on the processing of the case and the necessity of further examinations. In this context, we offer the possibility of a brief biomechanical assessment (e.g. in cases of whiplash-associated disorders WAD). In such an assessment, technical issues are examined briefly (e.g. estimation of delta-v values), the medical records are summarised, and the biomechanical assessment is compiled taking into account individual properties of the involved person. This type of assessment is primarily intended for frequently occurring events in road traffic.

The knowledge of the injury potential enables the involved person, his/ her legal representative, accident or liability insurers or also courts to evaluate the event and the questions of causality more objectively.

Data needed

For a brief biomechanical assessment, we need basically the same kind of information as for a biomechanical analysis, i.e. technical information (photos, repair cost calculations if possible of all involved cars) and medical information (emergency unit/ medical reports, results of medical imaging) and information like body height and weight, posture of the victim.

As opposed to the more complete biomechanical analysis, the brief assessment does not have the status of an expert opinion. It is based on estimates and serves, above all, for an objective appraisal of the situation.

Contact: Dr. M. H. Muser / Dr. med. Chr. Lanz